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Game Changer Series: Game Changer Series: A Conversation with Yong Zhao (Foundation Distinguished Professor, School of Education at the University of Kansas)

Author, professor, and education thought leader, Yong Zhao joins KAPONO CIOTTI and Tony Wagner for a Game Changer conversation that is certain to inspire. Zhao, author of 30 books, including Teaching Students to Become Self-Determined Learners, and What Works May Hurt: Side Effect of Education, will challenge us to think about education differently, connect globally, and make changes to our practice. Please join us for what promises to be a seminal conversation about What School COULD Be!

Previous Events

Most Likely To Succeed: The Film That Launched Ten Thousand Screenings

A decade ago, Ted Dintersmith and filmmaker Greg Whiteley had an initial conversation about working together on a film about education. Well, one thing led to another. After premiering at Sundance, Most Likely To Succeed went on to be screened by some 10,000 school communities around the globe. This special evening will feature the film’s now-much-older student stars Brian and Samantha, two of their HTH teachers, and others with distinctive perspectives on MLTS and its impact. This will be a most memorable evening!

Greg Whiteley (Director)
Ted Dintersmith (Producer)
Samantha Fiallo (MLTS Student Star)
Brian Cesson (MLTS Student Star)
Tony Wagner (Best-selling Author & Senior Research Fellow, Learning Policy Institute)
Brian Delgado (Teacher – High Tech High)
Mike Strong (Teacher – High Tech High)
Josh Reppun (Producer and Co-Director: The Innovation Playlist)
Deidre Roemer (Director of Leadership and Learning – West Allis-West Milwaukee School District)

Game Changer Series: A conversation with Gregg Behr and Ryan Rydzewski (co-authors of When You Wonder, You’re Learning)

Pittsburgh has spawned two major contributions to educating our youth — Mr. Rogers and Remake Learning. During this session, we’ll meet Remake Learning’s founder, Gregg Behr, and co-author Ryan Rydzewski of their just-released new book about Mr. Rogers — When You Wonder, You’re Learning. You’ll be flooded by childhood memories, and marvel at how the values of Fred Rogers pointed us to such an inspiring vision of education.

Game Changer Series: A Conversation with Stephanie Malia Krauss (author of Making It: What Today's Kids Need for Tomorrow's World)

Stephanie Malia Krauss is an expert in what’s essential to prepare children for a future none of us can predict. In this conversation with Ted Dintersmith, Stephanie will share with her the many insights she’s gained throughout her career, and her new book Making It: What Today’s Kids Need for Tomorrow’s World.

Game Changer Series: A Conversation with Linda Darling-Hammond (founder and CEO of Learning Policy Institute)

Linda Darling-Hammond is towering figure in the world of education policy and practice. During this wide-ranging conversation, we’ll gain insights from an inspiring expert and leader on topics vital to the future of our schools, our children, and our democracy.

Game Changer Series: A Conversation with Jal Mehta and Sarah Fine (authors of In Search of Deeper Learning)

Bringing both research and practitioner expertise, Jal Mehta and Sarah Fine will share with us their perspectives on deeper learning, innovation, and the future of American education. During our conversation, we’ll learn about their exploration of 30 innovative high schools that are the focus of their book In Search of Deeper Learning.

Game Changer Series: A Conversation with Pasi Sahlberg

Game Changer Series: A Conversation with Pasi Sahlberg (author of Finnish Lessons 3.0)

When looking for inspiring examples of national education transformation, all eyes are on Finland, and who better to give us a phenomenal perspective on the keys to success than Pasi Sahlberg. In this conversation, we’ll learn so much about policy, practice, transformation at scale, and the teaching profession.

Game Changer Series: A Conversation with Carlos Moreno (Executive Director of Big Picture Learning)

Our conversation with the inspiring education leader Carlos Moreno will bring us remarkable insights from a career fighting so effectively for better futures for America’s youth. We’ll learn about the many successful innovations of Big Picture Learning schools, and gain insights from his perspective on education, equity, and opportunity.
Game Changer Series: Leadership Circle

Game Changer Series: Leadership Circle - A roundtable discussion

Perspectives on leadership strategies from six dynamic classroom teachers, principals, and superintendents. We’ll gain perspective on how to turn the challenges of the past year into a springboard for effecting confidence-building transformation. And we’ll delve into effective strategies of leaders in different organization roles.

Change Maker Series: A Conversation with Tony Wagner (author of Learning By Heart)

While our conversation will touch on the vast body of work of Tony Wagner, one of our nation’s most important and influential thought leaders, we’ll spend most of our time exploring his stunning memoir Learning By Heart. He has so much to say about the role of passion and purpose in education — including how we lost it, and what we can do to restore it.

Game Changer Series: A Conversation with Dr. Darryl Adams

Change Maker Series: A Conversation with Dr. Darryl Adams (Education Leader, Social Justice and Equity Advocate)

Dr. Darryl Adams has been a transformational education leader throughout his career, recognized by the Obama White House for his outstanding contributions. During this conversation, we’ll explore issues of equity, social justice, the appropriate role of technology, and how to energize and mobilize your community and your school board to support bold innovations. Fasten your seatbelt for this fascinating discussion.

Game Changer Series: A Conversation with Kapono Ciotti (Executive Director of What School Could Be)

We are beyond thrilled to announce that Kapono Ciotti has joined What School Could Be as our new, and very dynamic, Executive Director. In this conversation, we’ll learn about this remarkable educator, the experiences that shaped his world view, and his plans for taking the What School Could Be initiative forward in ways that support innovative educators all around the globe.

Game Changer Series: A Conversation with Kate Robinson and Anthony Dunn (founders of the Imagine If... Initiative)

Join us for what promises to be a fascinating conversation with Kate Robinson and Anthony Dunn, founders of the Imagine If movement, which is sparking thousands of people around the globe to imagine a different, and better, world and take actions to make this world a reality.

Game Changer Series: A Conversation with Ken Kay & Suzie Boss (co-authors of Redefining Student Success)

Experts in the power of community’s embracing a Portrait of a Graduate as their education North Star, Ken and Suzie will share with us the many lessons they’ve learned over through their distinguished careers, and highlight what we will find in their eagerly-anticipated new book Redefining Student Success: Building a New Vision to Transform Leading, Teaching and Learning.

Game Changer Series: A Conversation with Jennifer D. Klein (author of The Global Education Guidebook)

As a former head of school with extensive international experience, Jennifer facilitates dynamic, interactive workshops for teachers, leaders and students, working to amplify student voice, to provide the tools for high-quality project-based learning in all cultural and socio-economic contexts, and to shift school culture to support such practices.

Game Changer Series: Navigating The Pandemic - A Courageous Conversation about COVID

In the midst of a global challenge, finding support, seeking solutions, and sharing our truths can be quite powerful. Bring your own thoughts, wonderings and strategies for what we are sure will be a deep and uplifting discussion with an amazing panel of educators: Mari Jones (High Tech High Graduate School of Education), Dr. Amber Strong Makaiau (University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa College of Education) and Andrew Ho (Harvard Graduate School of Education).