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Big Think: Deeper Learning for Equity with Mari Jones & Michelle Sadrena Pledger

Interested in fostering equitable and deeper learning experiences for all students? Discover the strategies, philosophies, and journeys of Mari Jones and Michelle Sadrena Pledger as they share their insights on cultivating a culture of inclusion, empowerment, and social change within educational settings.

Recent Events

Book Talk: "Define Your WHY" with Barbara Bray

Join author Barbara Bray for a discussion on, “Define Your WHY.” The first 25 registrants will receive a free e-copy, courtesy of What School Could Be. Please fill out THIS GOOGLE FORM to qualify.


Barbara Bray wrote “Define Your WHY” from the process she went through to figure out her WHY and through coaching others who did not feel valued, appreciated, or why they needed to live on purpose. Barbara tells her story with stories from 26 inspirational thought leaders along with quotes, resources, questions, and activities to help you on your journey to define your WHY so you own your story.

Big Think: Transformative Learning with Stephen Ritz & Suzie Boss

Unleash students’ creativity and empower them to take ownership of their education, resulting in transformative educational experiences that cultivate engaged, motivated, and socially-conscious learners.

Big Think to Big Step: Seminar Transformative Learning with Stephen Ritz & Suzie Boss

What if we taught students that they have as much potential as a seed? That in the right conditions, they can grow into something great?

Big Step: Transformative Learning with Stephen Ritz & Suzie Boss

This interactive session will get you ready to harness The Power of a Plant with your students. We’ll apply best practices for high-quality project-based learning to help you plan learning experiences focused on issues that matter most to your students–from ending hunger to reducing food waste to celebrating cultural heritage. You’ll address important learning goals while unleashing your students’ passion, purpose, and hope for a more sustainable world.