About Us

Actually, this isn’t about us. It’s about you. We work hard to listen to, and learn from, remarkable educators in the field. Our goal is to capture your insights, inspiration, and progress — and help spread examples of your success. Your insights are organized and presented in a way that constitutes a powerful change model — ways you’ve proven effective in producing embraced, informed change. This initiative is about you:  

Our small team is grateful to the many of you who have generously shared your work with us. We hope we’ve done you proud. Our go-forward goal is to make this initiative even more collaborative and effective in reaching — and supporting — a growing community of change agents. Stay tuned. And, please, let us know what you’re doing in your classroom and school. Send us a note at WeCare@WhatSchoolCouldBe.org or post a video to YouTube and send it our way to be added to the What School Could Be YouTube channel, and help add to the power of the Playlist.

Meet The Team

Kapono Ciotti

Executive Director

Kapono believes that education is an act of social justice. As a educational leader, professional development coach, and teacher, Kapono guides systems change and transformation towards meaningful learning.

Becky Ellis

Director of Operations

Becky supports grassroots change in education and the people who are making it happen. After 20 years spent practicing law, she followed her heart to a second career as a public school teacher and instructional coach.

Melanie Ching

Director of Engagement

Bio coming soon.

Kimberly Dilts

Director of Content

Kim Dilts is a filmmaker, writer, and strategist who lives in Los Angeles with her husband and creative partner J.T. Arbogast and their three cats, Howard, Archie and Norman. Passionate about education, curious about everything.

Josh Reppun

Josh Reppun

WSCB Chief Evangelist

Josh Reppun, a former history teacher, is the host of the What School Could Be in Hawaiʻi podcast, inspired by Ted Dintersmith’s film, Most Likely to Succeed and book, What School Could Be. He lives in Hawaiʻi with his wife, Cheryl and his two cats, Raymo and Penny.

J.T. Arbogast

J.T. Arbogast

Creative Director

J.T. is a Los Angeles based filmmaker and digital strategist. A storyteller at heart, he's thrilled to have the opportunity to help highlight and support the incredible work being done by teachers across the country.

Susannah Johnson

Director of Global Curriculum and Coaching Development

Pursuing liberated learning for the individual by the individual, Susannah seeks an education revolution that includes the ultimate in empowered, student-centered learning, and redefining what it means to be an educator.

Ted Dintersmith


Author, Film Producer, Innovation Expert, 2018 Recipient of NEA’s Friend of Education Award

We’d also like to recognize and thank education thought leader and colleague Sir Ken Robinson, who passed away suddenly in August 2020. Sir Ken and Ted had formed an education non-profit together in 2018, and a focal point was the Innovation Playlist. This work has benefited greatly from Sir Ken’s perspective. Here is Ted’s tribute to Sir Ken.