What School Could Be

Try It

Bring together your school community for a book group study of What School Could Be. Include community members who feel strongly that school should be just as it has always been. Nay-sayers can put a damper on innovation, and this book will make them more receptive to change — maybe even enthusiastic.

Discuss It

  • What innovations in the book might your school or community consider?
  • Which of your innovations could be included in the book? Why?
  • What factors are holding you back?  How can you determine whether they’re as restrictive as you perceive? How can you obviate them?
  • What does the book suggest to you about the role of education in our democracy?


Go Deeper

In person or virtually, dive into the ‘What School Could Be’ Discussion Guide. We’ve arranged for you to get steep bulk discounts through 1-800-CEO-READS. If you’re totally slammed by budget constraints, contact us and we’ll do our best to help.