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It is with gratitude that educators are nearing the end of another school year having built stronger, more joyful classrooms and school communities. We, too, at What School Could Be want to continue to grow our online and in-person community by working as a collective to do good through Project Impact.

Our first effort will be to support World Oceans Day on June 8, 2022. Form and gather your local team to protect the ocean by participating in a beach, river, or other waterway clean-up, create ocean-themed art to share a message of conservation, or educate others on the importance of our ocean via social media or other online platforms. Even if you do not live in a coastal area, you can take action: skip the seafood (and/or meat!), watch an ocean documentary with friends such as Mission Blue, The Blue Planet, or A Plastic Ocean, or avoid single-use plastics (many of which end up in our oceans). The possibilities to do good and make an impact are endless!

Here’s our challenge to you:

Form a team & join an organized event or create your own on or around June 8 to support World Ocean Day; either way, you are an integral part of Project Impact and What School Could Beʻs efforts to make a difference.

Fill out this registration form, and we will send you and each of your team members a What School Could Be cap. Wear this cap to your event and take pictures of your team wearing them.

Post those pics in the What School Could Be community online at

We are so excited to see the impact we can make, together!

United Nations World Oceans Day
World Ocean Day Network
SDG Knowledge Hub

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