Student-Led Progress Conferences

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Try It

Most schools conduct periodic meetings between a student’s teacher/s and the student’s parent/s or guardian/s to discuss the student’s progress. Often, the student is on the sidelines of these discussions. It can be powerful to let the student organize and lead these meetings, reinforcing that the student is responsible for their learning.  
Give students advance notice and coaching on how to manage this session, ideally building on the student’s prior experience with managing their learning and self-assessing progress. In your first session, manage the expectations of caregivers, but odds are your students will shine.

Discuss It

  • How did your students respond to the challenge?
  • How did your parents/guardians respond?
  • What is accomplished if students take responsibility for managing this conference?
  • How might you involve students in determining their own grade in the class?

Go Deeper

These resources can help your students prepare for their first Student Led Conference (SLC).
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