Student Assessment

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Try It

Equip students with the skills to evaluate their own and classmates’ work with kind, helpful, and specific feedback. Begin building skills gradually, and provide plenty of scaffolding as students learn. You will have many opportunities to let them practice. The art of providing and receiving feedback is useful across all disciplines and at all stages of the learning process. And life.

Discuss It

  • What impact did this experience have on your students’ confidence levels, communication skills, and work?
  • How has this practice affected the culture of your classroom?
  • What skills were your students developing as they practiced?
  • How did you handle situations when a student’s critique of a classmate was unproductive or hurtful?
  • How did bringing students into the assessment process change your workload?
  • How was student motivation affected by the prospect of having their work reviewed by peers?

Go Deeper

Dig deeper into increasing student engagement and deepening social-emotional skills by exploring peer assessment models and examples. Try a new rubric. Who knows? Students developing these assessment proficiencies may make your life easier