Public Exhibitions of Learning

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Try It

As your students create and complete real projects, find a way for them to exhibit their work to community members — parents, educators, other students, people who live in the area. Look for ways that students can create compelling projects that draw on a range of disciplines. Note that exhibitions can be organized virtually, which has advantages laid out in this playlist resource.

Discuss It

  • What impact did this experience have on your students? Your parents and guardians? Others?
  • How can students can capture their accomplishments in a digital portfolio of their work?
  • Will you take active steps to shape the feedback each student receives, or let this evolve organically?
  • For students whose projects flopped, what follow-on steps will you take?
  • What creative ways might you use to exhibit student work? Consider inviting students to come up with creative exhibition options.

Go Deeper

For powerful examples of real-world learning during and beyond the pandemic and free curriculum resources, check out Stories from the Pandemic and Newest Americans.

Share Your Learning provides these wonderful resources for Toolkits for Virtual Exhibition, Student Led Conferences, and Presentations of Learning.

And to go deeper on how to organize a virtual exhibition, check out this playlist resource.