Celebrate Progress:
Remake Learning Days

Try It

Once your students are creating bold initiatives, a Remake Learning celebration adds tons of momentum to your progress. Your community will bring the same enthusiasm to supporting reimagined classroom learning as they bring to supporting your athletic teams, theatre productions, and concerts. If you’re daring, take the leap and commit to a Remake Learning event a few weeks down the road, and let that visible commitment spark an explosion of creative learning challenges. Note that a Remake Learning event can be done virtually as well as in-person.  

Discuss It

  • In what ways are you already showcasing student work and generating community enthusiasm for more inventive, creative projects?
  • How can a Remake Learning event help you achieve your school’s goals in creating new, compelling learning experiences and challenges?
  • What’s an easy first step you can take to rally community enthusiasm for your re-imagined learning initiatives?
  • How can you ensure all community members are engaged in this celebration of learning?

Go Deeper

Check out the amazing resources offered by Pittsburgh’s Remake Learning initiative.