Relationship Mapping

Try It

In a secure area, put up on a wall post-it notes with the names of your students. Have your school’s adults (teachers, administrators, and support staff) mark which students they believe would share with them an important personal problem. Then, ask each student to confidentially list which adults in your school, if any, they’d turn to for help. Add this information to your map of student/adult relationships. Step back, see the patterns, and begin formulating your plans for addressing concerns. This can be done virtually, and is all the more important during the pandemic.

Discuss It

  • What surprised you in this process?  How many students indicate they don’t have any adult in your school they’d go to with a problem? Or just one adult?
  • How well did the adult perspectives align with the student perspectives?
  • How can we ensure that every student receives adequate adult support?  How will you assess the efficacy of your approach?

Go Deeper

Check out the following resources to dig deeper: