Project Playground is your opportunity to work directly with Ted Dintersmith and the WSCB team to leverage the power of the book What School Could Be and design a small, yet powerful project that impacts Student-Driven Learning at your school.

Sign up with a team, and be eligible for a grant of up to $1,000.


Two tracks will support both individual/classroom-level teams and school-wide teams.

An Individual or Classroom-Level Team

• Individuals or a maximum of six (6) classroom teachers who are able to support each other on a collaborative project. Solo? Let us help you find your team.

• We’ll support your reimagining of an existing unit or creation of a new one that infuses successful Student-Driven Learning strategies.

• Your community of teacher teams will share and collaborate as we work together with Ted to build new strategies for student agency in your classrooms.

A School-Level Team

•  Teams of 4-6 members, consisting of at least one administrator and 3-5 additional participants (teachers, support personnel, students, others)

•  School-level teams will design projects for school-wide impact, supported by WSCB strategies in Mobilizing Your Community and Student-Driven Learning.

•  Your community of school teams will share and collaborate as we work together with Ted to build new strategies for innovative experiences at your schools.

Both Tracks:

• School Teams are eligible for a grant up to $1000.

• Individual/Classroom Teacher Teams are eligible for grants up to $100 per team member. 

• To be eligible for the grant your team must attend at least three of the four sessions (one of which must be a project coaching session).

• Ongoing coaching is available and encouraged.

• You will celebrate your learning via a short Google Slide presentation from a simple template we’ll provide. The WSCB team will feature your project at Deeper Learning 2023 in San Diego!