DSC: Do Something Cool

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Try It 

Give students a block of time (24-48 hours) to do something they’re excited about. Start with a high-energy brainstorming session when students can cultivate and build on their ideas. Allow time for students interested in working in small groups to find like-minded collaborators. Ideally, give students a homework-free weekend after their DSC days, letting them build on momentum. Once DSC projects are completed, have students present their work in some sort of public exhibition. 

Discuss It

  • How did your students respond to the challenge?
  • What did we learn from the students who struggled to come up with an initiative that excites them?
  • Which of these DSC initiatives surprised you? Why?
  • What were the immediate benefits you observed? The challenges?
  • What three things will you change next time, and why?

Go Deeper

Ready to take this to the next level? Turn student initiatives into capstone projects and award credit for accomplishment.  And for more about the school that pioneered DSC, check out the path-breaking African Leadership Academy.