Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Try It

So easy! Send this link to your school community, or show it in a meeting with faculty, PTA, and/or students.  Here’s our promise — no one will regret watching this talk. It’s thought-provoking, full of insight, and very, very funny. Millions of people credit Sir Ken, and this amazing talk, with opening up their eyes to reimagining school.

Discuss It

  • In what ways is this relevant to our students? What is happening to their creativity?
  • How can you foster student creativity?  How important is this?
  • How can you assess student creativity?
  • Do your students have opportunities to take creative approaches in all of their classes, or is creativity viewed as belonging in just an arts elective?


Go Deeper

Too often, creativity is equated with an artistic endeavor. But creativity is essential in every field, including science, math, engineering, and history. Brainstorm about ways to foster student creativity in all disciplines, and across disciplines.
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