Digital Exhibition

Try It

As your students create and complete real projects, it’s powerful for them to exhibit their work to others. Typically, these public exhibitions are in person at the school. But there are real advantages to virtual exhibitions:  You can record and archive the exhibition for future use. You can make sure each student’s project is recognized. And you can include people who don’t live nearby, including mentors and relatives. Nothing quite like having a proud grandparent see the work of their grandchild!

Discuss It

  • What impact did this experience have on your students? Your parent community? Others?
  • How can students capture these accomplishments in a digital portfolio?
  • Once you’ve gone virtual, what other creative enhancements can you make that aren’t possible with an in-person exhibition?
  • Would you consider asking students to lead in creating and carrying out this Digital Exhibition?

Go Deeper

Dig deeper into increasing student engagement through public exhibitions with help from the Share Your Learning initiative.  And check out this playlist item for more information on public exhibitions of student work, including in-person exhibitions.