Community Circles

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Try It

Use Community Circles to build community, empathy and communication skills among your students. Regular participation in Community Circles creates a positive classroom culture, making it easier to work through issues as they arise. In normal times, this is a powerful practice; during these stressful times, it’s essential, even if it’s done virtually.

Discuss It

  • How did your students respond to the Community Circle? At first? Over time?
  • How do you think this work will impact the community, with regular practice?
  • How can Community Circles be used as a Restorative Practice in your classroom or school?
  • How can you draw on more specialized professional expertise if/when complex challenges arise? Is the fear of such challenges holding you back from the open sharing of issues?

Go Deeper

Check out the resources below to find out more about the benefits of Community Circles:
Defining Restorative Circles from the International Institute for Restorative Practices
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