Committee of 10

Try It

If you’re a change agent committed to helping your school, keep in mind the African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.” Don’t try to change a school on your own — even if you’re the principal. Start by recruiting your school’s ‘Committee of Ten,’ a group of ten (or so) community members enthusiastic about helping your school make informed progress. Include a full representation of perspectives — your principal, an innovative and a traditional teacher, a student who thrives academically and a student who hates school, a school board member, a respected adult in the community, a parent, etc. Keep the group small enough to be manageable, but big enough to be representative. And remember, “It takes a village to change a school.”

Discuss It

  • Can you articulate clear and constructive reasons for why change is essential in your school? 
  • How will you message the role of your ‘Committee of Ten’ to your broader community? How will you deal with skeptics and nay-sayers?
  • Before you go too far, whose point of view is missing from your change agent team?
  • Which past efforts to brought lasting and important change to your school, and why? Which failed and why? 
  • As you gain momentum, how can you integrate more community members into this initiative?