Book Study

Book study groups can open up the eyes of community members, spark great discussion, and set the stage for collaborative progress. We offer a few recommendations here, but your “Committee of Ten” will have their favorites. 

Might we recommend...

The Global Achievement Gap

The Global Achievement Gap

Noted author and education thought-leader Tony Wagner has written one of the most important book on education . . . ever.  What is the ‘global achievement gap”?  It’s the gap between what we are teaching and testing in our schools (even the ones that are highly-regarded) versus the skills all students need for careers, college, and citizenship in the 21st Century. A profoundly important book. Available in audio, hard copy, and paperback. Discussion guide coming soon.

What School Could Be

An inspiring account of teachers in ordinary circumstances doing extraordinary things, showing us what leads to powerful learning in classrooms, and how to empower our teachers to make it happen. Available in audio, hard copy, and paperback. Deep discounts on bulk purchases here. And here’s a great discussion guide for What School Could Be.

Creative Schools

From the inspiring Sir Ken Robinson, this book focuses on one of the most critical issues of our time: how to transform the nation’s education system. Sir Ken argues for a highly-personalized, organic approach that draws on readily-available resources and engages students with meaningful challenges and a love of learning. Available in audio and paperback. Discussion guide coming soon.