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Note that advisory can work virtually as well.

Try It

An advisory is a dedicated block of time when a small group of students meets with a faculty member. The focus is social-emotional issues, but can include academic counseling and support. Advisories are convened regularly (ideally, several times a week) with long-term continuity, enabling honest, trusted discussion.

Discuss It

  • How does your school currently balance academic and social-emotional learning? 
  • What benefits would (or does) an advisory function bring to your school?
  • If you don’t have dedicated advisories as part of your normal school experience, how are your students getting the social and emotional help they need?
  • How many students in your school need considerably more social and emotional support?  How do you know?  If you’re just guessing, how could you find out?

Go Deeper

Check out the role of advisory in a Big Picture Learning school.  Big Picture Learning has done ground-breaking work in the field for years. If you haven’t visited a BPL school, do so. It will rock your world.